The Dawn of Corruption

The world was quickly becoming a desolate and harsh place to live. As the Great Wars spread from nation to nation, consuming all of what remained of the Earth’s energies. A new breed of adventurer soon emerged. With a deep-rooted desire to seek and find these hidden lands of Decadence. These lands of legends told, with abilities to generate energy and sustain life simply with the powers of arousal.

Once these ancient lands were located these adventures quickly found themselves lost to their lusts, in these new lands of endless temptations, and urges fulfilled. Until one day a new Hero arose. A Hero with the ability to resist these temptations, and with great stamina and endurance, learnt to build up and collect these arousal energies into great Tributes.

With all the energies these Tributes held they soon became of great value. And these Heroes also became highly sought after. These Cock Heroes with the power to wield and control these great powers of Arousal were a new source of energy, and a sign of hope in these harsh times.

It was not long until their adventures became fully financed by nations seeking to gain energies for their decaying cities. And their fame and glory spread from land to land.

This story begins with one of these Cock Hero’s as he begins to prepare his ship for the great journey ahead. The journey for the ever changing, ever moving lands of Decadence. For finding these mysterious islands is not always the easiest of excursions. So, finding a crew willing to embark on the expedition is not always the easiest of tasks.

Even though the pay was profuse. One must return to collect and enjoy said payment. Which was not always the case with these voyages. And in all honesty quite rare. Some believe them to be lost at sea never to even locate these islands. While others believe they did find the Islands of Decadence and just lost themselves to temptation. Either way fear and superstition quickly instills itself into the crew as they finalize the preparations for the trip.

Jennaa Veeve Alley 02

Jennaa Veeve was just about to graduate Highschool when the world decided to go to shit. It all seemed to be happening so fast. First her prom gets cancelled, and this wasn’t just any prom. This was going to be her last prom. The prom she finally lost her virginity. But no. All these stupid wars had to happen instead. It’s like the world wanted her to stay a virgin forever. She hated it.

And now her entire final semester gets cancelled as well. Leaving her with nothing. Jennaa quickly had to learn to adapt to this rapidly evolving new world. Having to scavenge the streets to try to survive. And every night it gets a little riskier and a little more dangerous. As desperation increases, people’s kindness and tolerance seems to decrease.

The world was on a steady decline and as things continued to worsen, the well-off started to isolate and protect themselves. With plenty of food and energy to survive a new class system begun to emerge. Of those who had enough, were enough, and those who did not, were not.

There has to be a better way, she pondered.
Even in these desolate times with conditions worsening every day, Jennaa refused to give up. She heard the stories of these heroes and their ability to create energy somehow. Now she just needed to find them and convince them to share their energy with her. Should be easy enough, she’s never had any problem getting guys to do things for her.

So Jennaa’s journey began. She would head west towards the nearest port, find a Hero returning, and persuade them to give her all their energy. Easy.

Jennaa Veeve Alley 03

After an arduous journey Jennaa finally made it, to the port of Decadent Whispers. A port known for preparing and receiving heroes coming and going to the Islands of Decadence.

Immediately she headed to the tavern she heard all the heroes would go to upon returning from Decadence Island. And there she stood before the doors finally, after months and months of a grueling toilsome journey she made it. Where before even entering the tavern, she could feel the energy radiating through the walls warming her body.

“Out of the way, Scant!” the loud voice booms as the tavern doors swing open, throwing Jennaa aside.
Landing on her butt Jennaa looks up as the Heroes walk by practically glowing with their overflowing energy. Each with their own entourage of sluts and hangers-on trying to absorb any excess energy they can.

With so many beautiful people already surrounding these Heroes how is she meant to get close enough to drain them. This was not the easiest of journeys and Jennaa was just not prepared for the level of competition she is meant to be facing for these Heroes attentions.

With his crew finishing up the launch preparations our Hero headed off to the Tavern for one last drink. Stopping to help the young maiden up, momentarily finding himself lost in her light blue eyes. Before continuing past her into the tavern.

Seeing his youth and inexperience in his eyes, Jennaa quickly identified him as a rookie hero heading out to Decadence Island for the very first time. And that’s when it hit her this is who she needed to convince, not to give her energy. But to take her to Decadence Island where she could get first choice of all the Cock Heroes and their overflowing energies.

With her mark picked out, now she just needed to get on his ship. Easy enough she decided following him into the tavern.

Entering the tavern, she lingers at the entrance a moment, watching Hero take a seat in a booth towards the back. Widening her focus, she appraises the tavern and spots two busty bar maids having a good time, definitely enjoying what they do. And further to the side a petite bar maid with a lot less experience looking lost and out of her environment.

Just what she needs.

To see what happens next visit and download Jennaa’s Arrival: coming soon.