Decadence Island

The land of Decadence is a beautiful and enchanting one. It is made up of nearly a dozen isles, all of which are overgrown, untouched places where the flora and fauna live in harmony with the land itself. On the edges, warm cyan waves lap against the golden beaches, which are quickly cut off by lush, green jungles and rainforests where the sun permeates the wet leaves to create an otherworldly sauna of nature.

At the heart of the islands lie the villages, inhabited by all manner of mythical creatures. The land may appear calm to the tourist’s eye, but any inhabitant will know to spot the wise wood nymphs sauntering among the trees, the playful fairies hiding under flowers deep within the jungles, the mischievous succubi lounging on the hot rocks near the beaches. They share a peaceful harmony. What little work there is to be done is done with a smile; the thatched huts are built, the freshly caught fish and crab are roasted over an open fire and shared by all. There is peace in their society.

Of course, the residents of this natural utopia need something to fill their abundant free time. This need is met by an ancient, mysterious power held by the islands, known only as Arousal. It is the fuel and lifeblood of every creature, every leaf, every grain of sand, every droplet of water as the surf is broken by the rocks. It fills this world with delicious, uncontrollable lust. The creatures exist in an eternal state of bliss, having their ways with one another, breeding offspring, reveling in promiscuity. For millennia, it was the most perfect heavenly paradise. But it was inevitable that the society would begin to crumble.

The power of Arousal reached a point where the land found it difficult to contain. The residents were so content and lustful that the built-up energy was only made stronger with each kiss, each moan, each climax. It swelled inside the island, and eventually began to vent in the form of darker forces. It bred desire and jealousy, which blossomed into anger and hatred. The unbridled power of Arousal was accompanied by discord, disorder, disarray. The utopia began to morph into a chaotic wasteland. The creatures were fighting over scraps of food while being overwhelmed by orgasms.

When all appeared to be lost, they were rescued by a being who has mostly remained unnamed, so is referred to as The Goddess. She rose from the ashes of perfection to bring order to the land. She never took a physical form, but Her presence was made known to the soul of the island as Her indescribable aura swept across the land. She absorbed the power of Arousal, quelling the overflow. It became one with Her and strengthened Her immensely. The island became tired, unable to combat Her presence, and eventually returned to its previous calm state, allowing the living to rebuild.

But The Goddess remained. She was intoxicated by the feeling of this immense power. She began requiring tributes soon after the land had calmed. She had fully asserted Herself as the deity of the land.

To this day, there is a dark damper over this beautiful, utopian paradise. Many worship The Goddess for saving the islands. Many fear that Her power has grown too strong. But all Tribute Her as She requires, lest they be obliterated with the contained, directed power of Arousal.