Nymphs of Decadence

The Nymphs of Decadence spend most of their days and nights in the Nymph Forests. Doing their best to distance themselves from the corruption caused by the endless thirst for the energies of Arousal. The forest nymphs isolate themselves deep in the forests of Decadence.

Spreading their Arousal freely, and playfully, as they dance around nurturing and bringing back to life the damaged caused by the beach sluts and the like.

Always mindful of their Arousal levels. Careful to not Too Aroused and make room for Corruption to slip in.

Finding refuge in their solace, rarely do they venture out.

Focusing on their Beauty and Innocence they train themselves to build up their Arousal slower. Using this technique the Arousal Energy built up is more natural and pure of the more lustful energies released by the Beach Sluts.

By maintaining this control their Orgasmic Energies, once released can be used to build up and help their Forests expand and flourish. But with more and more Beach Sluts invading their forests most of their energy goes into repairing the damage caused by their uninhibited Arousal.

Some Nymphs have been known to take their Purity even further. By taking the Vow of Virtue, these Virtuous Nymphs begin to build up immense levels of Orgasmic Energies. And only continues to grow, the longer their Virtue remains intact.

These Virtuous Nymphs must remain hidden. And must never travel alone. If a Virtuous Nymph is caught alone, with no one to protect her virtue, they can easily fall prey to their passions and deepest desires. For this reason, Virtuous Nymphs can quite often be found with two or more Handmaidens accompanying them. Receiving more as their Virtue grows.