Sluts of Decadence

The Sluts of Decadence live a carefree, uninhibited life. Seeking out new desires to fulfill daily. With absolutely zero regard for the level of Arousal they build up and release. This lust filled energy being extra harmful to the land, they have become the bane to the Nymphs existence.

Being able to build up so much Arousal the Sluts of Decadence make sure and Tribute Goddess Jennaa often. With most if not all of their Arousal Energies going directly to her. Leaving them free to continually satisfy new desires without fear of repercussions.

Beach Sluts are the most common found in Decadence Island. And only possess the most basic of Arousal skills. But can be found all over each developing new skills of Arousal.

Some of the more creative sluts, learn to control, not their Arousal, but the Arousal of others. And begin to collect pets, subs, and slaves, to fulfill their desires. By getting them to submit and obey these sluts earn the rank of Mistress and can begin to learn new skill with their excess energies.